Looking for a free, clean, simple, user friendly, and secure Form and Quiz Builder all-in-one?
We got you!

Building forms and quizes doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. And that said, forms should be eye pleasing and secure at the same time.

Start receiving submissions with just Three Easy Steps:

  1. Build
  2. Publish
  3. Get the Embed code for your website or share the generated Link or QR Code

Build Forms with a Breeze

Geeky Forms is a “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) form builder that uses a “Drag and Drop” method that lets you drag a new or an existing widget and just simply drop it wherever you want it to be placed inside the form.

What features are we offering?

Worrying about the Cost? Don’t worry, we got you!

Geeky Forms is probably the cheapest in the market that has robust, innovative, and competitive features!

Geeky Forms features Multiple Form Types!

Plain Form

Plain forms are the default form type that is just a one pager form.

Multi-Step Form

Multi-step forms are forms separated into multiple chunks navigated through an indicator above the form. It could be the current step number with label, or just step number.

Paginated Form

Paginated forms are similar to Multi-step forms but are navigated through pagination under the form. The best use case for this kind of form are forms that have a lot of steps or pages.

Segmented Form

Segmented forms are similar with Multi-step forms too but are navigated through a sidebar containing the segment names making it to look like a small app. The best use case for this kind of form are forms that imitates an app or a form that gives the user an overview of all of the segments that needs to be filled up.

“But how about the advanced features we’re looking for?”

Don’t worry, we got you! Geeky Forms is still on its Beta release. We’ll deliver more exciting and innovative features incoming! This is a PROMISE!
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