How Geeky Forms WebHooks works?

On this example, we’re going to use Zapier Webhooks Integration.

  1. Open your existing or create a new form.
  2. Go to Settings on the left sidebar.
  3. Navigate to the Webhooks.
  4. On Webhooks field, just paste the link provided. Take note that if you have multiple Webhooks, just separate it in a new line or press enter before pasting it.
  5. On the other end, on this case the Zapier, you’ll receive a similar result:
    • The data would be inside data in the body. The Input’s Label would be the title/name of that field.
    • NOTE: If the user is not signed in or anonymous, there would be no User Email on the hook.


  • Webhooks feature are only available when subscribed to any plan.
  • Failed hooks would be retried 5 times.
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