What are the Form Settings that could be modified?

Form Name #

  • Form name is a required field that distinguish the form you’re working on from the rest.

Form Type #

  • Default forms are form that is just a one pager form.
  • Multi-step forms are forms separated into multiple chunks navigated through an indicator above the form. It could be the current step number with label, or just step number.
  • Paginated forms are similar to Multi-step forms but are navigated through pagination under the form. The best use case for this kind of form are forms that have a lot of steps or pages.
  • Segmented forms are similar with Multi-step forms too but are navigated through a sidebar containing the segment names making it to look like a small app. The best use case for this kind of form are forms that imitates an app or a form that gives the user an overview of all of the segments that needs to be filled up.

Show Asterisk(*) when required. #

  • This setting is used to add an Asterisk at the end of widgets’ label that is required to be filled up.

Allow anonymous response. #

  • This setting if enabled, will allow responses from anonymous users. It means, it doesn’t require the user to be an email verified Geeky Form User.
  • Note: It’s only advised to enable this feature if you’re going to embed the form.

Allow response edits. #

  • This setting will allow responses to be edited.
  • Verified users will be able to edit their response anytime while anonymous users are only allowed to edit their response if the window is not yet closed/refreshed.

Thank you message #

  • It’s a message that you could add to overwrite the default message after submission.

Show Labels #

  • It’s only available when using a Multi Step Form.
  • This setting will display the Step Label if enabled.
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