How to modify a widget?

  1. On open your Existing or Create a New Form to access the Form Builder.
  2. There are two ways to open the Widget Settings.
    • Through Navigation Tab
      1. Navigate to the Form Builder’s Sidebar, and then click the Navigation tab.
      2. On the Navigation tab, there you could see all of the widgets.
      3. Click the Settings Button of the widget you want to modify.
    • The the Widget Preview
      1. Hover or Point your cursor on the widget you want to modify.
      2. A small panel will show up containing the Delete, Settings, and Move Widget Buttons.
      3. Click on the Settings button.
  3. Widget Settings would open, replacing the default sidebar.
  4. On widget settings, you could modify all of the available settings and it will reflect instantly on the Preview.
  5. If done modifying the Widget, you could easily just close it using the Close Button on the uppper right corner of the Widget Settings’ Sidebar.
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